Meet The Founder

Ella Roberts
Project Founder

From a young age, nature and the outdoors have been a big part of my life. I am very lucky to have many great memories of trekking in the mountains and spending time outside. My family and I have always tried to appreciate the beauty of our environment, however, this is something that is often too easy to take for granted. My studies in music composition have, and still continue, to enlighten me to the fact that carefully listening can be an extremely powerful experience and reveal many things. This may seem very obvious, but it wasn't until I began to challenge the way I listened, that I was able to have a deeper, more present relationship with my surroundings. The project provides me with an outlet to share my love of geography with others through collecting audio experiences from a range of rural and urban environments. My fascination with cartography has led to me spatially locating my recordings on a map, which you can view on the site. The website is a sound archive of places across the UK, a free resource for any age to explore. I am particularly focused on education, raising awareness of our fragile environment, creating a place for mindfulness to look after our mental health and producing a free sound library for creatives. As an artist, all of these strands are deeply, and equally important to me. It is my hope that the project will allow me to channel my commitment to these areas. I hope you enjoy exploring the map and that it inspires you to visit new places, discover concealed beauty, or just take a mindful moment away from it all. Please do upload your own recordings to the project. They are what make this resource for others.
Ella x